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Why Is Shopping Local So Important?

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Small businesses like Sugar Wood are born from the minds of dreamers. When you buy local, you’re helping a member of your community pursue their dreams! But that’s not the only reason why shopping local is so important. Here are four other benefits of supporting small businesses.

Stimulate Your Local Economy!

Your money continues to circulate within your community when you buy from a local small business. Shopping local helps strengthen your community’s economy, and the sales tax made from small business sales goes toward your area’s growth and up-keep.

Discover Unique Products!

Small businesses often provide unique products and services that aren’t offered in your average supermarket or at a chain corporation. Whether it’s special homemade treats or locally crafted items, you’re guaranteed to find something special from a small business. They make great, one-of-a-kind gifts, too!

Develop Connections With Real People!

When you reach out to contact a small business, you know you’re interacting with hardworking people who take great pride in the services they offer. Buying locally also means your needs and questions are met and answered by people who care about your shopping experience.

Plus, you have the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with the owner which fosters more connections inside and beyond your community!

Take Pride In Your Community!

Small businesses bring character to the towns they lay down roots in, and they can turn your area into a hub of creativity and prosperity. The success of a local business can instill pride in where you live, and it all begins with your support and generosity!

Thank You For Your Support

Whether you are local to the Cumberland area or are supporting our business from afar, we appreciate your endless encouragement. Thank you!


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