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4 Steps to Take to Grow Your Business

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Starting a business is a monumental task all on its own. But growing that business – ensuring that it thrives and succeeds – is its own challenge. The steps to grow your business can seem endless; from strategic planning and legal work, to researching competitors in your industry, it may feel overwhelming at times.  

But there are also steps that can be creatively invigorating and rewarding, some of them relatively easy and even fun, that are just as crucial to growing your business.

1. Promote yourself on social media!

In this day in age, having a social media page (or three) for your business is not just useful – it's fundamental. And making sure you’re actively maintaining and posting on your social media accounts is even more crucial! 

Social media is an effective double-sided tool. Behind the scenes of your business, an active social media presence can increase traffic to your website and help drive sales. On the front-facing side, it promotes your brand to customers and helps build brand awareness.

Your activity on social media also speaks volumes to the clients who support your business. It’s an effective way to speak to and directly interact with your customers and hear from them about the products you create! 

2. Collaborate with other local businesses!

Networking massively contributes to the growth of your business. There are a number of ways to network and meet other people to help grow and promote your business. One great way is to get to know local businesses and run collaborative campaigns with them!  

Not only will this strengthen your inner circle of fellow business owners to lean on for support, but it can also help expand your brand’s audience and bring in more customers! 

By local artist Lindy Liedl! (@lindyliedl)
Art by Lindy Liedl (@lindyliedl on Instagram)

3. Invest in yourself!

When you’re growing your business, you are your first investor! Along the way, there will be tools and expenses that will benefit the growth and success of your business in the long run. And as a business owner looking to grow their company, it can be worth it to invest in the tools that will serve your business plan.  

Whether it's buying new equipment or technology, elevating your marketing materials, taking business classes, or bringing on new employees, sometimes taking calculated financial risks can do wonders to the success of your brand. 

4. Listen to your consumer base!

Feedback from your customers is valuable to your success as a business. After all, your customers keep you in business, so it’s no question that you want to listen to what customers love. Online reviews and interactions on social media can help you determine how to adjust your marketing so you can match customer demand.  

Interacting with your customers and hearing what they’d like to see more of can also help you diversify your products and extend your market. Their opinions are priceless and can help you conceive of and sell new products! 

Overall, persistence is key when looking to grow your small business. With determination and a healthy dose of patience and hard work, you’ll start to see big changes. 


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