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Who Is Andy? Behind the Product: Uncle Andy’s Millionaire Shortbread

Caramel Homemade Seasonal Shortbread


How could our classic Sea Salt Topped Caramel Shortbread get any better, you ask? Smothered in melted milk chocolate, that’s how.

Uncle Andy’s Millionaire Shortbread is the perfect, delicious, sweet treat to gift to yourself or a loved one, but wait — who is Andy?

Meet Uncle Andy!

“Uncle Andy” isn’t a fictional character á la Mrs. Butterworth or Mr. Peanut.

No, the inspiration behind these seasonal treats comes from Chana’s sister’s husband, Andy! Andy is a born-and-bred Englishman and he and Chana’s sister, Brooke, live in England together. They both enjoy traveling and are well-versed in cuisine from all over the world!

Why Millionaire Shortbread?

Millionaire Shortbread is a popular treat in England, and it happens to be one of Uncle Andy’s favorites. And when a foodie like Andy loves something, you know it’s delicious!

Chana learned about this sweet delicacy from her brother-in-law and she knew she needed to add it to the Sugar Wood menu. And it made perfect sense to name the product after the man who inspired it — Uncle Andy himself!

Because this product is as special as the man it’s named after, we only offer our delectable Uncle Andy’s Millionaire Shortbread once or twice a year. So don’t wait — get yours now through the month of February 2022!

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