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How should I store my caramel?
All our candy is made to order or very close to it. We use no preservatives in our products so this can effect the shelf life. We suggest when you are not enjoying your caramel, keep it in the fridge. If you are giving this treat as a gift, keep it refrigerated until you have given it to that special someone. Pull it out of the fridge about an hour before you want to dig in and let it get to room temperature before you enjoy! All of our caramel can be frozen for up to 12 months as well.
What is the shelf life of the caramel?
Our products have no preservatives. The shelf life can be shorter if you are not keeping it refrigerated. The shelf life for our products is as follows:
Sea Salt Topped Caramel Shortbread Hunks (7 oz): 1 month outside of a fridge. 3-4 months in the fridge. 12 months in the freezer.
Sea Salt Topped Carmel Bites (Individual): 1-2 months outside of a fridge. 3-4 months in the fridge. 12 months in the freezer.
When will I receive my products after I order?
98% of the time our products are made fresh to order. We need a few days to bake and a few days to package and ship. We like to say our turn around time is between 7 business days before we ship.
How do you ship?
At this time, we ship USPS. We use a combination of flat rate and priority shipping, depending on which is the best deal for each order. At this time we do not ship internationally. We ship in the continental United States only. Sugar Wood offers pick up in the Cumberland, Wisconsin area. We also reserve the right to withhold shipping to certain states that may be extra warm during the summer months. This will be decided on a case by case basis.
What happens if my package is lost, stolen, or says “delivered”, but wasn’t?
Instances of lost or stolen packages are extremely rare. In the case of lost or stolen packages, once the package has left my local post office, there is little that I can do. I encourage customers to immediately reach out to their local post office. Sometimes packages are marked as delivered, but will show up several days later. Please be patient. If your package is still missing after 5-7 business days, you can file a claim with your post office. 
What is your return/refund policy?
Because Sugar Wood offers perishable products, we do not offer returns or refunds unless the product is damaged during shipment. In the case of damage during shipment, we will gladly offer a full refund or an equal exchange for your purchase.
Do you offer any products besides caramel or do you bake for special occasions?
Yes we do! However, the caramel is our best seller and our primary focus is on that product. We do offer delicious cupcakes, homemade marshmallows, cookies, and a host of other items as seasonal or holiday limited edition treats!  We do need at least a 1 month notice for any special event baking or product ordering outside of our current selection.
What ingredients do you use in your products?
Our sea salt topped caramel and sea salt topped caramel shortbread is a preservative free treat. At this time we use the following ingredients:
flour, butter, white sugar, brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk, white corn syrup, salt, eggs, vanilla & sea salt.
Do you offer any gluten free treats?
At this time the only treat we offer that has no gluten would be our sea salt topped caramel bites. However, we can not claim to be a true "gluten free" kitchen. We bake other products in our facility with flour and items containing gluten and there is a possibility for cross contamination. So we are sure to let our customers know that we are not an official gluten free facility however, if their sensitivity level is low, our sea salt caramel bites contain no gluten.
Do you offer custom orders or gift packaging?
We love custom orders if time allows! We are a small business operating as a husband and wife team, we can offer custom orders only if we are in our slow season and we have time. We would need a minimum 1 month notice to create any custom order. In the past we have created custom gift sets for local businesses, employee & client gifts, bridal showers, weddings, ect. We absolutely love creating special packaging and gift assistance, we just need advanced notice to work with you and plan!
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover, as well as PayPal payments. If you are local, we also accept personal and business checks.